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RazMataz Magazine Song of the week

As far as country songs go, it’s somewhat typical—drinking, you guessed it, loads of shots. But where the John Nichols Band really gets “Two Shots” right is the simple, moody guitars and the honest vocals. And, if you listen closely enough, some really deep lyrics, too. Song of the Week

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The Aural Gatekeeper Likes Us!!

Here’s what he had to say: “With The Country Life, the John Nichols band sounds primed for commercial country success.”  Click the link for the whole article.

JNB Blue Pit Gig!

We had so Much fun playing at Blue Pitt BBQ! Can’t wait to get back in there.  The food was amazing and the staff was awesome.  Not to mention their amazing whisky selection!!  Baltimore finally has a legit BBQ spot that’s not just pit beef or a chain.  

Check out this great Premier for our New release!

indie minded Review of Two Shots  Two Shots by John Nichols Band. Baltimore, MD based country artist John Nichols has released his brand new song, “Two Shots,” which we are thrilled to premiere here today on Indie Minded. “Two Shots” is the lead-off track and prelude to Nichols’ upcoming debut EP, Country Life, available on June

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